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Thursday, July 4


Education, Black Power, and the Radical Imagination TBARussell J. Rickford Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry TBAImani Perry Racial Capitalism, Opioids and the Drug War in the Age of Trump TBADonna Murch Reparations for Our Time TBAAislinn Pulley • Todd St Hill • Ashli Giles-Perkins Pipeline Resistance, Climate Change, and Decolonization TBA The Global Resistance to ExtractionScience for the People Capes, Abs, and Asses: Body Dysmorphia, Toxic Masculinity and ComicsKrystal Kara Edward Said and Orientalism: Past and Present TBADavid Barsamian Literature as a Tool for Abolition and Transformative JusticeImani Perry • Darnell Moore Sometimes the Severed Head Rolls Left: A Political History of the Modern Horror Film TBAJohn McDonald The Artist as Radical Listener: Poetry and Social Movements TBAKevin Coval • Young Chicago Authors What Would Sports Look Like In A Socialist Society TBADave Zirin The Disability Politics of Marta Russell TBAKeith Rosenthal An Introduction to Marx's Capital TBADavid Harvey Never Again: Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League TBADavid Renton The Rise of the Far Right in India TBARohit Prajapati #MeToo in our Movements TBAMaryam Abidi • Kate Doyle Griffiths Birth Strike: Why Reproductive Freedom is Under Attack TBAJenny Brown Sexual Violence and the State TBA Social Reproduction Theory and Gender Liberation TBARachel Cohen • Corrie Westing Socialist Feminism: The Fight for Bodily Autonomy TBATaylor Edwards Trans Liberation, Biological Determinism, and Sports TBAIsabelle Bartter Transfeminism and the Politics of Solidarity TBAChris Legere Walking While Trans: Profiling, Policing, and Prisons TBACamille White-Avian A Socialist View of the Arab Spring TBAAnand Gopal Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today TBAEmma Wilde-Botta Palestine and the Global Struggle for Justice TBAAli Abunimah Palestine and the Left TBABill Mullen Your Commander in Chief is Lying to YouRory Fanning • Spenser Rapone Are you a Settler?: Settler-Colonialism, Capitalism and Marxism in North America TBABrian Ward The Original Red Scare: Revolutionary Socialism with The Red NationJennifer Marley • Hope Alvarado • The Red Nation Genocide of the Rohingya: An Indigenous Peoples Struggle in Burma TBAKhadija Y. Mehter Iran on the Brink TBABehzad Tehrani Lessons from the Arab Springs: From Egypt to the Algerian and Sudanese Revolutions TBAShireen Akram Boshar The Rise of the Far Right in Europe TBAAlex de Jong #RedforEd: Social Justice and the Teachers' Strikes TBALois Weiner Can we Organize Amazon? TBAJoe Allen Organizing Your Workplace TBA Red State Revolt: The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working Class Politics TBAEric Blanc What is the Working Class? TBAAlex Press Meet-Up: Abortion Defense Meet-Up: Antifascist Organizing Meet-Up: Climate Justice Organizing Meet-Up: Educators and Education Workers Meet-Up: Palestine Solidarity Organizing Meet-Up: People of Color All-American Nativism: How to End the Bipartisan War on Immigrants TBADan Denvir Solidarity at the Border: Detention Centers and Deportations TBA The Socialist Case for Open Borders TBAJustin Akers-Chacón Care and Repair: The Revolutionary, Democratic Power of a Global Green New Deal TBANaomi Klein • Astra Taylor Welcome to Red Chicago TBAJeanette Taylor • Carlos Rosa • Jesse Sharkey • Rossana Rodriguez • Alyxandra Goodwin Black, Red, Brown Solidarity in the Age of Trump TBALupita Romero Colonialism, Slavery, and the Origins Of Capitalism TBAPranav Jani Jewish Politics and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism TBAJonah ben Avraham • Benjamin Balthaser Latinx: The New Force in American Politics and CultureEd Morales Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump TBAAsad Haider The Rise of Islamophobia from the War Abroad to the War at Home TBARozina Ali The Life and Thought of Rosa Luxemburg TBAPaul Le Blanc • Peter Hudis • Dana Mills • Sandra Rein • Helen Scott Biotechnology, Eugenics, and SocietyScience for the People Militarism in Science and EducationScience for the People Marx's Lost Theory TBAMike Davis Marxism and Human Nature TBABill Keach Marxism and the Capitalist State: Socialist Theory and StrategyCharlie Post Socialism 101: Socialism from Below TBAAnton Ford The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality TBAJason Farbman • Bhaskar Sunkara Abolish the Police: Liberal vs. Revolutionary Perspectivesbrian bean Elections, Disruption, and the Fight for Socialism Today TBAMicah Uetricht • Frances Fox Piven Independent Media in a Time of Crisis TBAAmy Goodman The American South and the Left TBAAlex Macmillan